Role of Honeypot in Network Security

Role of Honeypot in Network Security: A honeypot is utilized in the space of PC and Internet security. It is a security resource, whose value lies in being tried, attacked, or set out some reasonable compromise. They are extraordinary bait servers to get the Blackhats (individuals with insidious and unlawful plans). Honeypots attract software engineers to attack a frail PC system, which is under insight, by a security bunch. Every one of the information about the aggressors is logged and checked

Role of Honeypot in Network Security

A honeypot is a moderately new idea in network security and analysts from one side of the planet to the other, are making it more autonomous and secure. Contrasted with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or Firewalls, honeypots enjoy the enormous benefit that they don’t create bogus alarms as each noticed traffic is dubious in light of the fact that no useful parts are running on the framework.

This paper targets giving a point by point depiction of honeypots, their sorts, various advantages of honeypots over right presently existing IDS.




Overall correspondence is getting more huge reliably. Simultaneously, PC wrongdoings are expanding. Countermeasures are created to distinguish or forestall assaults the greater part of these actions depend on well established realities, realized assault designs. It is essential to know, what sort of procedure an assailant utilizes, what devices he uses and his goal.

By knowing assault systems, countermeasures can be improved and weaknesses can be fixed. To gather such information is one rule objective of a honeypot.

Role of Honeypot in Network Security


A honeypot is basically an instrument for data assembling and learning. Its motivation isn’t to be a trap for the blackhat local area to get them in real life. The attention lies on a quiet assortment of data about their assault designs, utilized programs, reason for assault and the blackhat local area itself. This data is utilized to look further into the blackhat procedures and thought processes, as well as their specialized information and capacities.

here are a ton of different opportunities for a honeypot redirect programmers from useful frameworks or catch a programmer while leading an assault are not many models.


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Types of Honeypots

1) Low-Involvement Honeypot

A low-contribution honeypot ordinarily just offers specific phony types of assistance. In an essential structure, these administrations could be executed by having an audience on a particular port. For instance a straightforward netcat – l – p 80 >/log/honeypot/port 80.log could be utilized to tune in on port 80 (HTTP) and log all approaching traffic to a log record.

In such a manner, everything approaching traffic can without much of a stretch be perceived and put away. On a low contribution honeypot, there is no truly working framework that an assailant can work on. This will restrict the bet basically because the multifaceted design of a functioning system is shed.

Then again, this is additionally a drawback. It is absurd to expect to watch an assailant connecting with the working framework, which could truly intrigue.

Role of Honeypot in Network Security

2) Mid-Involvement Honeypot

A mid-association honeypot gives more to communicate yet doesn’t give a truly basic working framework. The fake daemons are more mind boggling and have additional data about the specific organizations they give. At a similar second, the gamble increments.

Through the more elevated level of association, more mind boggling assaults are conceivable and can, accordingly, be logged and investigated. The assailant improves deception of a truly working framework. He has more prospects to associate with and test the framework. Fostering a mid-contribution honeypot is mind boggling and tedious.

Phenomenal thought should be taken for security checks as necessary to be basically essentially as secure as could truly be anticipated.


3) High-Involvement Honeypot

A high-contribution honeypot has a truly basic working framework. This prompts a lot higher gamble as the intricacy increments quickly. Simultaneously, the potential outcomes to accumulate data, the potential assaults as well as the allure increment a ton. One objective of a programmer is to acquire root and to approach a machine, which is associated with the Internet.

Role of Honeypot in Network Security

A high association honeypot offers such a climate. A high association honeypot is very tedious. The structure should be constantly under perception. By giving a full working framework to the assailant, he has the conceivable outcomes to transfer and put in new records. This is the place where a high-association honeypot can show its solidarity, as everything activities can be recorded and examined. Sadly, the aggressor needs to mull over system to get this level of chance.

He will then, at that point, have root freedoms on the framework and can do everything at any second on the compromised framework. This framework is as of now not secure.


Advantages of Honeypots

Small Data Sets

Honeypots possibly gather information when a person or thing is cooperating with them. Associations that might log large number of alarms a day may just log 100 cautions with honeypots. This makes the information honeypots gather a lot simpler to oversee and break down.


Reduced False Positives

Honeypots drastically diminish misleading up-sides. Any action with honeypots is by definition unapproved, making it incredibly powerful at recognizing assaults. This permits associations to rapidly and effectively decrease, in the event that not take out, bogus cautions, permitting associations to zero in on other security needs, like fixing.


Catching False Negatives

Honeypots can easily identify and capture new attacks or actions against them. Any movement with the honeypot is an irregularity, making new or inconspicuous assaults effectively stick out.


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Minimal Resources

Honeypots require insignificant assets, even on the biggest of organizations. A basic Pentium PC can screen in a real sense a large number of IP addresses on an OC-12 organization.

Role of Honeypot in Network Security


It does not matter if an attack is encrypted, the honeypot will capture the activity.


Protocol Independent

It doesn’t make any difference which IP convention an aggressor utilizes, honeypots will distinguish, catch, and log all IP action. In one archived case, a Solaris honeypot recognized and caught an assault where assailants endeavored to conceal their correspondences utilizing IPv6 burrowing inside IPv4. Then again, there are practically no NIDS (Network interruption discovery framework) innovations that can decipher IPv6 or IPv6-burrowed traffic.


Intelligence Gathering

Honeypots can assemble a ton of significant data about the assailants, and furthermore the idea of their assaults, which can be utilized to make a suitable move against them. A honeypot is an important asset, particularly to gather data about the procedures of aggressors as well as their conveyed apparatuses.


Production vs. Research Honeypots

There are two primary types of honeypot designs:

Productive Honeypots-

fill in as imitation frameworks inside completely working organizations and servers, regularly as a feature of an interruption identification framework (IDS). They redirect criminal consideration from the genuine framework while breaking down noxious action to assist with alleviating weaknesses.


Research honeypots:

utilized for instructive purposes and security upgrade. They contain identifiable information that you can follow when taken to investigate the assault.


Honeypot Limitations

Honeypot security has its impediments as the honeypot can’t recognize security breaks in genuine frameworks, and it doesn’t continuously distinguish the assailant. There is likewise a gamble that, having effectively taken advantage of the honeypot, an assailant can move horizontally to penetrate the genuine creation organization. To forestall this, you really want to guarantee that the honeypot is sufficiently segregated.

To assist with scaling your security tasks, you can join honeypots with different methods. For instance, the canary snare methodology helps observe data spills by specifically imparting various variants of touchy data to suspected moles or informants.

Role of Honeypot in Network Security

Spam Trap: An Email Honeypot

Spam traps are extortion the executives instruments that help Internet Service Providers (ISPs) recognize and obstruct spammers. They help make your inbox more secure by impeding weaknesses. A spam trap is a phony email address used to snare spammers. Genuine mail is probably not going to be shipped off a phony location, so when an email is gotten, it is doubtlessly spam.

Kinds of spam traps include:

Username types

the spam channel recognizes grammatical mistakes coming about because of human or machine blunder, including and sends the email into the spam organizer. This incorporates incorrectly spelled email tends to like, for instance, rather than the genuine

Role of Honeypot in Network Security

Expired email accounts

a few suppliers utilize deserted email accounts or terminated space names as spam traps.


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Purchased email lists

these frequently contain many invalid email tends to that can set off a spam trap. Also, since the shipper didn’t acquire approval to send messages to the records on the rundown, they can be treated as spammers and boycotted.


Spam trap weaknesses incorporate creating backscatter (mistakenly mechanized bob messages) and corrupting real email tends to that answer to or forward the message.

Role of Honeypot in Network Security

In addition, when the spam trap has been uncovered, it spammers can take advantage of it by sending real happy to it, causing the spam trap to lose its adequacy. Another gamble is that certain individuals might keep in touch with a location without understanding that it is a spam trap.

Incidentally hitting a spam trap can harm your association by influencing your standing and deliverability. An ISP could impede or boycott your IP address and organizations that counsel against spam information bases will channel your messages.



Honeypots are another field in the area of organization security. As of now, there is a ton of progressing exploration and conversations from one side of the planet to the other. No other component is practically identical in the productivity of a honeypot assuming social event data is an essential objective, particularly on the off chance that the instruments an aggressor utilizes are of interest.

Role of Honeypot in Network Security

As honeypots are getting further developed, programmers will likewise foster strategies to distinguish such frameworks. A customary weapons contest could begin between the great individuals and the blackhat local area.


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