Hello, here we discussing about Blue Eye Technology and it’s Future Goals

Blue Eye Technology and it’s Future Goals: The Blue Eyes innovation targets making computational machines that have perceptual and tactile capacity like those of people. It utilizes non-prominent detecting strategy, utilizing most current camcorders and mouthpieces to distinguish the client’s activities using conferred tangible capacities.

Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals

The machine can get what a client needs, where he is checking out, and even understand his physical or enthusiastic states. The Blue Eyes Technology created is planned to be a mind boggling answer for observing and recording the administrator’s cognizant cerebrum association as well as his/her physiological condition. This shows one more advancement in the field of Brain Computer Interface.


Blue Eyes Technology
The blue eyes innovation chips away at Artificial Intelligence. … The point of the blue eyes innovation is to give human power or capacities to a PC so the machine can normally collaborate with people as people associate with one another, through discourse, looks and contact.


Introduction to the Blue Eyes Technology

Envision yourself in our current reality where people collaborate with PCs. You are sitting before your PC that can tune in, talk, or even shout out loud. It can assemble data about you and collaborate with you through extraordinary methods like facial acknowledgment, discourse acknowledgment, and so forth It could in fact comprehend your feelings at the bit of the mouse.

Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals

It confirms your personality, feels your presence, and starts collaborating with you. You request that the PC dial to your companion at his office. It understands the earnestness of the circumstance through the mouse, dials your companion at his office, and lays out an association.

Human cognizance relies fundamentally upon the capacity to see, decipher, and coordinate sound visuals and controlling data. Adding phenomenal perceptual capacities to PCs would empower PCs to cooperate with people as cozy accomplices. Analysts are endeavoring to add more abilities to PCs that will permit them to interface with people, perceive human presents, talk, tune in, or even supposition their sentiments.


Blue Eyes framework comprises of a portable estimating gadget called Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) and a focal logical framework called Central System Unit (CSU) interconnected by Bluetooth. DAU gathers data from the sensor and sends it over the Bluetooth and conveys the messages sent from CSU to the administrator. CSU supports approaching sensor information and gives perception interface.

Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals


The basic idea behind Blue Eyes Technology is to give computer the human power i.e.

  • It utilizes non-prominent detecting strategy, utilizing most current camcorders and mouthpieces to recognize the client’s activities using bestowed tactile capacities.
  • The blue eyes framework checks the physiological boundaries like eye development, heart beat rate and blood oxygenation against unusual and unwanted qualities and triggers client characterized alerts when fundamental.
  • Blue eyes innovation requires planning an individual region network connecting every one of the administrators and the administering framework.
  • As the administrator utilizing his sight and hearing, detects the condition of the controlled framework, the administering framework will take care of his physiological condition.
  • The utilization of a scaled down CMOS camera incorporated into the eye development sensor will empower the framework to compute the mark of look and see what the administrator is really checking out.

The Blue Eyes framework has equipment with programming stacked on it Blue Eyes framework can be applied in each workplace requiring long-lasting administrators consideration for it. The equipment involves DAU and CSU.

Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals


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The Etymology of the Blue Eyes:

Blue in this term represents Bluetooth, which empowers solid remote correspondence and the‚ Eyes in light of the fact that the eye development empowers us to acquire a ton of fascinating and significant data. As the thought is to screen and record administrators essential physiological boundaries, the main physiological action is the development of eyes.

For a PC to detect the eye development, wiring between the administrator and the framework is required. In any case, this is a significant limit of the administrator’s versatility and handicaps his activities in enormous control rooms. So use of remote innovation becomes fundamental which can be executed through Bluetooth innovation.

Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals

Historical background

Paul Ekman’s look work gave the relationship between’s an individual’s enthusiastic state and an individual’s physiological estimations, which portrayed Facial Action Coding System (Ekman and Rosenberg, 1997). His test included members appended to gadgets to record specific estimations including beat, galvanic skin reaction (GSR), temperature and substantial development.


A) Experiment:

The trial includes gadgets connected to members to record particular estimations including beat, galvanic skin reaction (GSR), temperature and substantial development. Six members were prepared to display the looks of the six essential feelings, outrage, dread, misery, loathing, delight and shock.

The physiological changes related with influence were evaluated and investigated. In light of our need to join these estimations into a little, non-nosy structure, we will investigate taking these estimations from the hand, which requires an enthusiastic sensor like a mouse.


B) Results:

The primary examination utilized complex scaling (MDS) technique to decide the dimensionality of the information and recommended that the physiological likenesses and dissimilarities of the six passionate states fit inside a four-layered model.

In the subsequent examination, discriminant work investigation was utilized to decide the mathematic work that would recognize the six passionate state which proposed that each of the four physiological factors are adequate to recognize the six states.

Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals


Need for the Blue Eyes Technology

  • Human mistake is as yet perhaps the most continuous reasons for fiasco (catastrophe) and biological calamities on the grounds that the human commitment to the general exhibition of the framework is left unaided.
  • The control instruments inside the machine have computerized it to huge degree, consequently Human administrator turns into a detached spectator of the administered framework, bringing about exhaustion and cautiousness drop, however the client should be dynamic.
  • The client may not see significant changes of signs causing monetary or natural results, which is a danger to human existence. Hence, it is significant that administrators mind is associated with a functioning framework overseeing throughout the entire work time span.


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Benefits of the Blue Eyes Technology

Blue Eyes framework gives specialized means to observing and recording human administrators physiological condition

  1. Visual consideration checking (eye motility examination)
  2. Physiological condition checking (beat rate, blood oxygenation), administrator’s position recognition (standing, lying)
  3. Physiological information, administrator’s voice and generally perspective on the control room recording recorded information playback


Blue Eyes framework can be applied in each workplace requiring extremely durable administrator’s consideration:

  1. At power plant control rooms
  2. Flight control focuses
  3. Proficient drivers


Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals

Envision, a delightful world, where people work together with PCs!! .The PC can talk, tune in or shriek out loud!! .With the assistance of speech acknowledgment and facial acknowledgment systems, computers accumulates data from the clients and starts collaborating with them as indicated by their disposition varieties.

PC perceives your enthusiastic levels by a straightforward touch on the mouse and it can associate with us as a private accomplice. The machine feels your presence; confirms your personality and starts interfacing with you and even it will dial and call to your home at any pressing circumstances. This everything is occurring with this “Blue Eyes” innovation.


Downsides of MAGIC Pointing Technique:
The oblivious nervous development that an eye ceaselessly makes and furthermore the one degree size of the fovea, eye stare technique isn’t precisely to the point of performing UI gadgets, for example, slider handles, scrollbars and hyperlinks on the Graphic User Interfaces.

Now and then the development of the eye is suddenly controlled while some of the time it is wild. In MAGIC pointing numerous techniques, for example, eye flickering and constant looking and so on are utilized for target determination methodology.

In any case, at some point it isn’t working as expected since, in such a case that a client doesn’t take a gander at a specific objective persistently for a foreordained edge esteem, the objective won’t be chosen. In this way there are more opportunities for misleading determinations.



Blue Eye Technology and it's Future Goals


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The Blue eyes innovation guarantees a helpful approach to improving on the life by giving more sensitive and easy to understand offices in figuring gadgets. Since we have demonstrated the technique, the following stage is to work on the equipment. Rather than utilizing awkward modules to accumulate data about the client, it will be smarter to utilize more modest and less meddling units.

The day isn’t far when this innovation will drive its direction into your family, making you lazier. The blue eyes innovation intended to be a pressure reliever, driven by the cutting edge innovation of reading up the looks for judgment of the force of pressure dealt with. These additional opportunities can cover regions, for example, industry, transportation, military war rooms or activity theaters.


BLUE EYES mechanical methodology guarantee a helpful strategy, that works on the life by supporting more exquisite and easy to use arrangement in figuring gadgets. The day is extremely close, that this Blue Eyes innovation will propel its direction towards your home hold gadgets and makes you lazier. In future, even this Blue Eyes will reach as your hand held cell phone… ..


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